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CFO Consultancy

We provide top-tier finance, accounting and operational guidance for your business. We manage all finance matters: finance operation, financial reporting,  budget & control, planning & forecasts, growth, internal processes, and more. We work with the CEO and management on strategic planning, decisions and processes.

  • Managing all financial aspects of the company

  • Preparation of financial reporting - annual, quarterly and monthly

  • Coordination with the external auditors for the review and audit of the financial statements (quarterly and annually)

  • Raising debt financing to allow the company to leverage its funds thereby enable a more rapid growth

    • Real estate financing and refinancing

    • Infrastructure project financing (Renewable Energy, …)

    • Venture debt financing

    • Bonds financing (public and private)

  • Preparation of the annual budget and multi-year financial plans

  • Budget supervision, management and control (A2B)

  • Managing and monitoring cashflow  and treasury

  • Maintaining investor relations and board relations, preparing materials for the board, participating in meetings and presenting relevant issues to the board

  • Manage and plan international tax structuring with the company’s tax advisors

  • Work in alignment with legal advisors regarding misc aspects of the company - from commercial agreements with customers, through employment agreements and employment issues, to operational agreements (e.g. office lease etc.)

  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements

  • Establish subsidiaries globally, following local regulations and processes

  • Lead, develop and coach the finance team

  • Measuring and improving SAAS metrics and benchmarks

  • Manage valuation processes of the company and company’s assets, working with third party valuators

  • Implement processes and procedures to support company’s growth

  • Manage the Cap Table and stock option plans

  • Set and manage the company’s insurance plans (directors and officers insurance, product liability, errors and omissions, etc.)

  • Apply for government programs / grants (Israel Innovation Authority, Horizon, BIRD, …)

  • Direct the strategy, planning and implementation of Information and Billing systems, applications and platforms

  • Support management in day to day business and operational decision making

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