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IPO preparation and advisory services:

A successful initial public offering (IPO) involves intensive planning and effort, both before and after the IPO date. We will help you navigate the process of becoming a public company, and beyond. We will support your company throughout the entire IPO process by implementing better systems for accounting and reporting purposes, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations, and more. We will help your company through aligning deliverables, designing technical needs and executing against the required regulations, both pre and post IPO.

  • Technical accounting and reporting: implementing applicable accounting standards and practices, including revenue recognition, debt and equity financing, hedge accounting, leases, business combinations, purchase price accounting and more 

  • SOX Preparation: Implementing, performing and maintaining internal controls throughout the business in areas that affect financial statements and reporting

  • Audit Readiness and Support: Strengthening the finance department internal controls and improving its financial practices, processes and systems ensure a smooth auditing process

  • Financial Planning and Analysis: Budgeting, forecasting and conducting analytical work to support major business decisions and overall financial health

  • Post-IPO support: Generate technical memos, SOX compliance, and applicable Security Authority reporting need to be continuously monitored to support ongoing operations

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