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Business advisory and Strategy

Relying on extensive experience derived from working in various geographic environments (North America, Europe and Israel), through prosperous periods as well as economic crises, we will assist your senior management with any strategic and business decision making process. We advise private and public clients on financial value creation and optimisation, including major transformation projects and strategic initiatives as well as digitisation and automation of the finance function. Being able to extract relevant quantitative information regarding the business performance, having the tools and knowledge to effectively forecast and plan for the future, and managing similar processes and projects in the past enable us to give you sound and valuable advice.

  • Working with top management on strategic planning: We will help you promote the company’s strategic financial planning and align it with their business strategy 

  • Raising Capital Strategy:As one of the most complex and sensitive processes an organization goes through, with many variables and considerations, we will accompany your management closely on the subject, assisting with issues of the optimal timing, size, and format of capital raise

  • Raising Venture Capital Funds:  Prolonged capital raises are damaging to operations and valuations. We will help you run a smooth fundraising process, plan and implement a more efficient venture capital raise so you can go back to focusing on your high-growth business quicker

  • Raising Venture Debt: Venture debt provides growth capital to extend the cash runway of a company to achieve the next milestone while minimizing equity dilution. We will help you through all the phases of raising venture capital debt - from applying for venture debt, creating the materials (pitch deck, financial information, pro-forma model with financial projections, …), through negotiating the term sheet (cost of capital, warrants, covenants, default events, ...), supporting the lenders’ due diligence process and assisting with the loan legal documents to close the financing deal

  • Bond Issuance: Corporate bonds are gaining popularity in recent years, as an addition, and sometimes replacement for bank loans. We will assist management with exploring the public and private routes, considering credit rating issues and any other relevant matter to ensure optimal results

  • Strategic and Operational Processes: We will support your management team through strategic and operational processes to accelerate the company's growth. Having a senior professional executive ready to oversee complex strategic projects / processes, enables management to undertake growth enhancing initiatives without losing concentration on the day to day business 

  • Evaluate and manage Financial Risks: Risk is an integral part of any business endeavor. We will assist management in identifying and assessing the various financial risks affecting the company and bring the best solutions available to mitigate the risks and thus create future value 

  • Define and Set KPIs: Being able to set clear team and company wide targets is key in achieving the organizational goals. We will assist management in reviewing the major business metrics and set meaningful KPIs to enhance performance on all levels 

  • SAAS Metrics and Analysis: SAAS Metrics allow companies to gauge their success, plan for the future, and make adjustments to strategy when needed. We will help you ensure your company is growing at the rate it should be, using SAAS Metrics to keep track of revenue, churn, leads and more

  • Implement Pricing Strategy: We will review different pricing methods and assist management choose prices and models that maximize profits and shareholder value while considering consumer and market demand

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