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Controllership and FP&A

Controllership and FP&A are the beating heart of the financial section of the company. Overseeing the accurate and timely collection and recording of information. Reporting of financial information to all stakeholders and users. Preparing plans and budgets and using them to monitor performance. Analyzing financial information and producing valuable conclusions.

We will put in place the appropriate solution to ensure all Controllership and FP&A functions operate and produce the required results.

  • Reporting Packages: Preparation of timely (monthly, quarterly) reporting packages to management and to investors

  • Audit & Review of Financial Statements: Manage audited and reviewed financial statements preparation, according to relevant accounting and reporting regulations (IFRS, US GAAP, Other), and liaising with the auditing firms throughout the audit process

  • Bookkeeping Management: Overseeing the Bookkeeping functions to ensure timely and accurate recording of the financial information

  • Accounting Issues: Reviewing period closing functions and more complicated recording issues (complex transactions, tax issues, timing questions) 

  • Budget vs. Actual Analysis: Continuous review of the actual results versus the planned budget, analyzing the main differences and timely flagging any potential problem

  • Tax Filing and Reporting: Communicating with the different Tax authorities (income tax, VAT, sales tax, other) in all the markets and geographies the company is active. Preparing and filing all mandatory reports

  • Cash Flow monitoring: Preparation of timely CF reports and burn-rate calculations, flagging any deviation for further investigation

  • Filing and Reporting to other Authorities: Filing for government or private grant providers and complying with the subsequent reporting requirements

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